Beach enthousiast? Visit Crete!

Hello guys,

since a lot of people have already started planning their summer vacations for 2018, I thought I could make a recommendation for a place you could visit this year.

Well, can you guess?

Not only I come from Greece, but also I come from the most magical island of our planet, Crete. As you understood, this is my recommendation for your holidays this year.

I will not name all the reasons why it is worth visiting this island , because there are too many  (the history, the landscapes, the Cretan cuisine, the people, the Cretan music, etc ) but I will focus on its beaches.

Below you will find some pictures of the best beaches in Crete. Of course, these are some of the best as there are a lot more that even I have never been able to visit.

Crete combines everything. Do you want to relax with your family at quite beaches? Or maybe do you want to party at the best beach parties? Or you just want to swim  in crystal clear waters? Doesn’t matter , you will find it all in Crete. The most famous and most photographed beaches on the island, known for their exotic water and majestic natural environment.

Crete is the largest island of Greece and is devided into four regional units: Chania Heraklion, Rethymnon, Lasithi. Each one is distinct and different from each other. I would suggest that you spend two weeks so you have time to explore every region and its beaches.

One important milestone is the great weather. The temperature even in winter is high enough, and even if it goes a little bit low, the sun is always still there. Oh , how I miss my island :)

Enjoy some pictures below untill a more detailed post about Crete comes 😉

Have you been to Crete? If so, I will be happy to read your comment on your experience at my favorite island.
Balos – Chania
Balos – Chania
Balos – Chania
Balos – Chania
Balos – Chania
Falasarna beach – Chania
Elafonisi beach – Chania
Psaromoura beach – Heraklion
Agiofaraggo beach
Agiofaraggo beach
Elouda – Agios Nikolaos
1379676_221381584690040_304862089_n (1)
Elouda – Agios Nikolaos
Falarsana beach- Chania
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Hidden paradise?.. Found it!

Hello beautiful people,

last summer I decided to make a roadtrip from Stuttgart to Cinque Terre (I will write about Cinque Terre on an other post 😉 ).

The first day of the road trip was really hot, so after a short stop in Milan , I really wanted to find a place for swimming. I searched in google (where else?) if there was a beach nearby before Genova, so I found this magical place.. Camogli.

By this time I thought that there is no place in the world more beautiful than my amazing island in Greece, Crete, but there I was in Camogli,  being left speechless.

Camogli is one of the largest areas of the Parco Naturale Regionale di Portofino, and a part of the Portofino Marine Protected Area. It’s very quiet and family friendly. Candy-colored houses carved into cliffs, sapphire waters, colorful buildings and the amazing italian atmosphere. Here you’ll find peace , an italian paradise that feels like fantasy.

Unfortunately , I stayed only that afternoon but I am planning onreturning very soon.

I can only recommend Camogli for short vacations if you need to relax, enjoy a unique view and experience the italian fairy tale.

I prefer to leave the photos speak for themselves 🙂

Enjoy and don’t forget to try the local focaccia!


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Fairy tale places, do exist!

Hello everyone 🙂

I thought to bring some colours into the winter, that’s why I will take you with me to the beautiful town of Colmar.

Have you ever wondered how it would be to live in a fairy tale? Well.. if you visit Colmar you will definitely find out! It is the perfect destination for a two day trip if you want to relax and watch some beauty around you.

This colourful french town is in Alsace, very close to Strasbourg.

It is the best choice for couples since the ” Little Venice”area (as they call it) is unbelievable romantic.

But enough with me writing about it, the photos below speak for themselves..

Enjoy 😉



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