Hidden paradise?.. Found it!

Hello beautiful people,

last summer I decided to make a roadtrip from Stuttgart to Cinque Terre (I will write about Cinque Terre on an other post 😉 ).

The first day of the road trip was really hot, so after a short stop in Milan , I really wanted to find a place for swimming. I searched in google (where else?) if there was a beach nearby before Genova, so I found this magical place.. Camogli.

By this time I thought that there is no place in the world more beautiful than my amazing island in Greece, Crete, but there I was in Camogli,  being left speechless.

Camogli is one of the largest areas of the Parco Naturale Regionale di Portofino, and a part of the Portofino Marine Protected Area. It’s very quiet and family friendly. Candy-colored houses carved into cliffs, sapphire waters, colorful buildings and the amazing italian atmosphere. Here you’ll find peace , an italian paradise that feels like fantasy.

Unfortunately , I stayed only that afternoon but I am planning onreturning very soon.

I can only recommend Camogli for short vacations if you need to relax, enjoy a unique view and experience the italian fairy tale.

I prefer to leave the photos speak for themselves 🙂

Enjoy and don’t forget to try the local focaccia!


For more informations about Camogli you can visit :